Step 1: Reserve a check-in time

Please let us know when you'd like to move-in. The below calendar offers 30 minute time windows.

Step 2: Download your move-in packet

Your handbook for The M

Please use the button below to download your comprehensive move-in packet.

This PDF includes:

  • Connecting to WIFI

  • How to: pay rent, get your packages, pay utilities, parking

  • What's in your apartment? What to bring?

  • Community Maps

  • How to operate the trash system

  • How to reserve the BMW i3

  • And much more!!

Step 3: Move-in Day FAQs

What do I need to do prior to move-in?

If you did not pay your first month's rent in the resident portal by May 14th, please make sure you bring certified funds (money order or cashier's check) for your first month's installment (prorated May installment and/or June installment).

Please ensure you have signed the "Bed Space Addendum" and the "Early Move In Addendum" (if applicable) in the Resident Portal HERE

What time do I check in?

Please use the calendar above to reserve a check-in time for your move-in day. Please bring a photo ID when you check-in.

Where Do I check in?

Please come to the leasing office located on the first level of The M. Our address is 4700 Brooklyn Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98105

Where can I park and unload?

There are two unloading zones at The M: One is along Brooklyn Ave NE and the other is along 47th Street. If these are unavailable, please use nearby street parking.

What should I do if I want to move in before or after business hours?

Please call the leasing office at 206-822-6155 as soon as possible to make arrangements.

What do I need to do after Check in?

Please log into your Resident Portal HERE and complete the Move-in Inspection by the end of the day.

Step 4: General FAQs

When is rent due?

Rent installments are due on the first day of each month and residents are allowed 3 calendar days to make a payment. A late fee charge of $100 will be applied on the 4th day of the month. A daily $10 late charge will be applied each day. Rent is unpaid until reaching a maximum of $150. Rent is delinquent until paid in full.

What is included in Rent?

Cable TV (HBO and Cinemax included) and high-speed Internet is included. Water, sewer, and electricity will be billed back to residents. Each unit is billed based on the submeter usage divided by the number of residents in the unit.

am I required to purchase Renter's insurance?

Our insurance does not provide coverage for your personal property. We don't require insurance, but we strongly recommend that you maintain Liability Renter’s Insurance covering the Premises for the duration of your Lease term. Additionally, we recommend that you purchase personal property coverage for losses due to theft, fire, water, pipe leaks, and similar occurrences.

Can I bring additional furniture to the apartment?

You are welcome to bring additional furniture with you, but don't forget that your apartment is fully furnished. You are welcome to move the furniture around to best suit your preferences, however none of the furniture may be removed from the unit. Personal items such as bedding, towels, pots, and tableware are not included and will need to be brought by the residents.

How do I connect my devices to the internet?

When connecting to the internet for the first time, residents will be asked to fill out personal information and enter your device information. You will have the option of choosing the free internet plan or faster internet for a $25 fee per month. Additional equipment is not needed. Each bedroom includes wall plugs to set up additional televisions. If you have connection issues, please contact the leasing office.

Who do I contact for an emergency?

In the case of an emergency (fire, flood, or blood) please contact 911. Please contact (206) 822-6155 in the event of an emergency maintenance issue or if you need immediate assistance from a team member. In addition, we have security every day from 9 pm - 5 am and their phone number is (206) 664-4045.

Emergency maintenance requests include but are not limited to the following:
•        No hot water or running water in the Premises.
•        No heat or air-conditioning when outside temperatures are less than 50 degrees or higher than 80 degrees.
•        Stopped up toilet if only one is available in the apartment
•        Water problems such as leaks, severe back-ups, or broken pipes
•        Malfunctioning controlled access gates
•         Any unsecured apartment entry.

How do I submit my maintenance requests?

Maintenance requests can be submitted on the Resident Portal online or you can download the Resident Portal app on your device. You are also welcome to stop by the leasing office and a team member will help complete the maintenance request process. In the case of an emergency (fire, flood, or blood) please contact 911.

What is my mailing address?

Your mailing address is:
4700 Brooklyn Ave NE, Apt Number -Bedspace (example: 1110-B)
Seattle, WA 98105

You may also visit the Resident Portal app or online to locate your mailing address. On your portal, the FAQs page will guide you on how to properly write your address.

How do I pay rent? Can I pay with a credit Card?

Payments can be made by Credit Card, e-Check, money order, or cashier's check.. Rent can be paid on the Resident Portal online (link to resident portal at top of this page) or you can download the Resident Portal app.

Am I allowed to nail personal items to the walls?

We ask that all residents only use finishing nails or very small nails the wall to reduce possible damage. If you have any questions, please contact the leasing office.

Am I allowed to switch roommates in the middle of my term?

Please reach out to the leasing office and we will be happy to accommodate a transfer if another space is available.

What is The M's parking policy? Where do my guests park?

All residents with a parking addendum will receive a parking decal. Unfortunately, The M does not offer guest parking but there are many parking options nearby.

What is the smoking policy?

The M is a smoke-free and vape-free property! Residents are not allowed to smoke or vape in the units or anywhere in the building.

What should I do if I lose my key fob?

All residents have mobile key access to their units via our door system and this can be used if a key fob is misplaced. In the event that a resident loses a key fob, the resident will need to notify the leasing office to receive a replacement. A $75 replacement fee will be charged to the resident and must be paid before the replacement fob is given to the resident.

What is the guest policy?

As per the Lease Contract, an overnight guest may not stay more than two consecutive nights and no more than four nights in any one month.

Step 5: Explore events & Perks

See below for upcoming resident events and learn more about our VIP Partnership Program which provides discounts to the hottest local shopping and dining!

MAY Events


Life is butter with you!

Leasing office: Starting at 10 am

Stop by the leasing office and grab some snacks and energy drinks to help you focus on your midterms!


VRV Food Tasting

24th Floor Resident Lounge: 1 pm

Join us on the 24th floor lounge and Skydeck to enjoy a food tasting event sponsored by VRV Food. Tasting will include Italian, American, and Japanese dishes.


Sushi Grab & Go

Leasing office: 2 pm

Who doesn't love sushi?! Stop by the leasing office and grab some sushi for lunch. Vegetarian and vegan options as well.


Breakfast Grab & Go

Leasing office: 9:30 am

Join us in the leasing office for a choice of waffles, yogurt cup, or cereal to start your morning fresh and full of energy!

VIP Partnership Program

The M is excited to partner with local, small businesses to offer exclusive savings to our residents!
From deals on boba tea, donuts, coffee, and Chinese food to local printing and car rentals... you're a VIP in the U-District! Please visit the link below for full list of participating businesses.